We are confident that living a more natural, health lifestyle can benefit you in your overall health care plan. We design a plan that works to best suit your needs so that you are empowered and educated, living a life free from common health conditions.

Complementary and Alternative Medicine Out-of-Pocket Spending: Self-Care vs. Practitioner Costs

People tend to spend excessive amounts of money on supplements and nutritional products they do not really need. By working with a health care professional you can determine exactly what you need, without doing more harm and without spending excessive money.

  • Nonvitamin, nonmineral, natural products 43.7%
  • Practitioner Costs 35.1%
  • Yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Gong Classes 12%
  • Homeopathic Medicine 8.6%
  • Relaxation Techniques .6%


Your Cardiovascular Risk is Reduced by Your Diet Diet


Obesity Related Deaths in America


Percentage of Overweight Americans

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More than likely you understand that toxic chemicals & heavy metals from our environment containment every person living on our planet. It can be very difficult, overwhelming, and sometimes impossible to rid our environment of the various substances that are harmful and contaminate our bodies. If you begin to inform yourself of the various things that can potentially harm you, as well as create a plan to detoxify your organs to avoid disease you can begin to eliminate health risk to common imbalances.

Concierge Natural Health Care

You’re likely here because, like many of our patients, you know that you can feel better than you do right now. You may feel tired, stressed, overwhelmed, and frustrated by your lack of health. You probably remember a time when you felt more like yourself, full of energy, vibrant, and healthy. You’ve probably sought out advice from health care practitioners for, only to feel unheard and unacknowledged. It is time to take back your health and become more empowered, informed, and proactive with your health.



Food for Healing

Want to live a healthier, longer life free from chronic diseases and common health conditions? Optimal health begins with a balanced diet. Making a switch can be difficult and overwhelming, but we are here to help design a food for healing plan that is easy for you to follow. Explore the many health benefits of eating a nutritious diet.




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